Teeth Replacement Options in Phoenix

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An accepted and reliable method of restoring lost teeth is dental implants. Small titanium posts are surgically inserted into the jawbone to serve as the lost tooth’s root. The implant is then covered with a crown, a specially constructed artificial tooth that mimics the appearance and function of a normal tooth.

Dental implants’ excellent success rate is one of its key advantages. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry estimates that dental implants have a success rate of above 95%. This indicates that dental implants may often provide a long-term remedy for lost teeth.

The endurance of dental implants is another advantage. Dental implants may last a lifetime in certain circumstances and for many years with good maintenance. Because the implant and jawbone fuse together, a sturdy foundation for the new tooth is created. This indicates that the implant can endure the same stress and pressure as a natural tooth after it is fixed into place.

The health of the jawbone may also be preserved by dental implants. The jawbone in that region starts to contract and degenerate once a tooth is gone. This may cause the face to seem sunken in and may also have an impact on how well dentures fit. By stimulating the jawbone with the same pressure and force as a real tooth would, dental implants may help to protect it.

Dental implants may also make a person’s smile seem better. A person’s confidence in social circumstances and self-consciousness about their looks may both be impacted by missing teeth. Dental implants may fill in the gaps left by lost teeth, restoring the person’s smile to fullness and naturalness.

A dental implant placement method normally involves two steps. The surgical insertion of the implant into the jawbone is the first step. After that, the implant will be allowed to heal and osseointegrate, a process that may take many months. The patient could put on a temporary denture or prosthetic during this period.

The abutment and prosthetic tooth are placed in the second step. The prosthetic tooth is secured in place by the abutment, a connection that is positioned on top of the implant. The prosthetic tooth, or crown, will be constructed specifically to match the patient’s real teeth’s color and form. The abutment and crown will then be positioned by the dentist along with any modifications required to guarantee a good fit and bite.

Dental implants have been shown to be a very successful treatment for tooth loss. They are a fantastic alternative for many individuals who are missing one or more teeth because of their high success rate, longevity, capacity to protect the jawbone, and capacity to enhance the look of the smile. For your implant to last a long time, it’s essential to practice proper dental care and see your dentist often. Consider asking Dr. Moghbeli about dental implants if you have one or more missing teeth.

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