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When the nerves of a tooth become infected or inflamed, a dentist might perform root canal treatment to save the tooth. It is a typical alternative to extraction for teeth that are badly decayed or diseased.

After numbing the area, the dentist will carefully remove any diseased or inflammatory nerve tissue from the tooth and then thoroughly clean the pulp chamber. After the filling or crown is placed, a specific substance called gutta-percha is used to cover the root canal area within the tooth. This protects the tooth from additional infection and keeps it intact.

Root canal treatment is often required due to one of many common dental issues. A deep cavity that has spread to the tooth’s nerve is a frequent problem. Injury to the tooth, such as a fracture or chip, or a filling that has been dislodged and fallen out are two other potential culprits.

Mild to severe toothache, sensitivity to warmth and cold, swelling and pain in the gums, and sometimes a little bump on the gums near the afflicted tooth are all symptoms of an infected or inflamed nerve in a tooth.

When the operation begins, local anesthetic is used to numb the region surrounding the afflicted tooth. Those who feel even little discomfort during or after the surgery often respond well to over-the-counter pain relievers. One or two trips to the dentist may be required, depending on the severity of the problem.

To prolong the life of a tooth that has had root canal treatment, it is crucial to maintain regular brushing, flossing, and dental exams. A crown is a kind of dental restoration used to cover and strengthen a tooth so it may once again perform its normal functions.

To sum up, root canal therapy is a reliable method of saving a badly decayed or diseased tooth. Dentists routinely conduct this operation to save a tooth by removing diseased or inflammatory nerve tissue. See a dentist immediately if you have symptoms such a severe toothache, sensitivity to warmth and cold, or swelling and pain in the gums. Root canal treated teeth may last a lifetime with regular checkups and cleanings.

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